August Wedding

This was an off-shoot of July Wedding. Sometimes the elements of one work flows into another. July Wedding was a much larger piece at 41 cm x 58 cm. This one is approximately half that size. The couple is moving into their new – a houseboat. A more intimate size was thus an important consideration. The smaller size does make a difference to the composition. It was a challenge at first, but after a few re-arranging of the elements, a certain dynamic began to emerge. I really like incorporating my very own script handwriting. It gives it a certain original and spontaneous feel, as opposed to using an existing typeface.

However, there is definitely room for classic typefaces, such as this one I used (its Bauhaus, of course, for those of you who are congnoscenti). I chose it for its ‘fatness’, to represent fecundity, promise and optimism. That is highly subjective of course, but from a practical point of view, it does stand out, declaring the wedding date effectively.

The love heart detail was at a minimum this time. Just one, in fact. And that was restraint on my part. I thought it needed one and no more, strategically placed on Phil’s name.

The two big flowers evoke a summer feel, so much so that I have made a few of these for other projects. These were hand-cut this time. I am reverting to type here. This might come as a surprise, but I am actually quite an impatient maker (I know, how can this be when my work shouts painstaking patience, right?). Well, with this one for example, having a deadline means you do need to produce the goods. What I’ve found with my Cricut is that it does cut painfully slowly, bearing in mind I have to use my Ipad as I am without a PC at the moment (a story for another time). What I’ve noticed is that the hand-cut flowers are no different to the machine cut ones, in the end. Uniformity is certainly there in machine cutting, as well as the added bonus of protecting your hands from repetitive cutting. Hand cutting, however offers spontaneity and instant results. So I have decided, both have equal merits!

I have added below a few more detail shots for your delectation. I have done many more wedding related works like this, and I shall be posting them here more frequently.