July Wedding

This was a special commission for a summer wedding. With this in mind, I thought I would create a summer ‘spread’ of flowers, as if in a banquet table.

I thought of enlarging my fringed flowers to approximately 8 cm in diameter! I used a Cricut machine for this. The flowers then gave me the negative space to work on. I made these leaf trails, that were embroidery-inspired. I always like the look of raised embroidery, the more embossed and dimensional, the better. Quilling is one of those crafts that has a kinship with embroidery, I think. Both have the same tendencies – to work shapes and motifs over the chosen surface, all the while making decisions how best to get contrasts and complementary shapes.

As I was making this project, I was also planning our holiday to Italy. These all bubbled up from my subconscious, producing this summery, lemony vibe. I love how simple it was to create with a circle punch that little zingy orange next to the powder blue. I thought this was effective way to make a variation in the heights of the several elements.

The couple’s names were my own scrawl, which I digitized. I cut these with my Cricut and layered several of them to create dimension. As this was for a wedding present to a young couple, I could not resist the love hearts!

I have added below some detail shots, to show the dimensionality of this piece. Overall, I did like how it turned out. It is one of my big works, measuring 41 cm x 58 cm.