Flower Salad

After a successful Warwickshire Open Studios 2019, I am continuing my exhibits for my local hospital’s Healing Arts Summer Exhibition. The show runs until 30th September, so do check it out (as it is free to see in the hospital grounds in Coventry).

My first submission this year is the paper collage above. This work measures 41 x 68 cm, so it is on a relatively bigger scale.

I used to employ collage techniques in my school notebooks in high school. It was my way of making them more unique. I thought it would be fun to revisit this paper craft technique. My strategy has not changed – I mixed magazine cutouts, creating a visual story. Only this time, I am also using the quilling on the surface. And so far, I am liking the results. I am imagining various permutations already, so I hope to explore this combination more.

The red element in this piece is perhaps the centre of interest. I does pop up well amidst the complementary green. As the title implies, there is a nod to the visual presentation of food. I do like how chefs artfully arrange those little ‘concentrations’ of flavour around a plate. I suppose, without being too literal, this work has that foodie kind of vibe.