About Jeff


Hello and welcome! I am a self-taught maker-artist based in the United Kingdom.

All my creations are hand-made, with a little help from those inspired ‘little grey cells’. I mainly use paper to create graphic works which can be hung on the wall. I have made quite a number of cards over time, so I also share some of them here. Most recently, I have started to exhibit some of my works here in Coventry.

Having worked with paper for a long time, my relationship with this medium has evolved over the years. Nowadays, I create what I consider to be ‘paper ballet’ constructions. In a nutshell they express some kind of  visual narrative using various paper. Sometimes, I like to mix it up a bit and make hybrid pieces (so-called ‘assemblages’) using various techniques that have traditional ‘craft’ origins, such as crochet and knitting, for instance, which I believe are ‘artistic’ in their own right when applied imaginatively.

I am interested in memories, meaning making, nostalgia and narratives that are largely personal and autobiographical.

I have kept a blog detailing my development and wanderings as a creative over the years. I have continued it here — in this space. If you are interested, more works will be posted both on the blog and “Creation” sections, as time passes. These are all for your delectation. Have a little gander and leave a comment if you like. Happy browsing!

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