Floribunda 2 – ‘Orchid’

Orchids are something I have an affinity with because I got to discover their beauty in my early childhood. My mum used to grow a few and is reviving this practice this year. Our neighbour also had a little house extension crammed with (now I come to think of it) rarefied varieties. Then, we lived in rural, southern Philippines, where you could really appreciate the so many tropical varieties. Every house seemed to grow them, and they all flowered effortlessly and without much need of a fuss. Vandas (a specific genus) remain my favourites.

This work only measures 18 cm x 18 cm but it is a labour of love. It is an imagined one – a sketch from memory or imagination, if you like. I don’t know if there is such a cultivar in these specific yellow amd plum, but if there is, it is going in my house!

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