Floribunda 4 – Vintage Colours

When making these for my WOS exhibit, I thought of reprising vintage colours. I chose two primary colours, a white accent, and finished it off with a deep green.

The see-through yellow flower is a new flower this year. I like how it pops against the blue! This idea has made me think of making a bigger work simply using this particular shape (maybe displaying them in different back grounds in a grid arrangement). This is definitely worth exploring.

The white flower is so tropical against this lapiz lazuli blue. One thing I have noticed over the years is that I very rarely make white folwers. I must change this. I am unconsciously drawn to colour, that I forget white.

Finally, I am reprising a six-petalled flower in pink. This type of flower construction was so common in all those 1970s craft books I pored over in my teens. I used to make just these shapes overlayed on a watercoloured card. It is made by gluing together six teardrop quills around a central motif on top. If you are also into crochet, you would perhaps understand me if I say that this shape is the granny square of flower quilling. It is a timeless classic.

Overall, I am happy with how these turned out! Another flower offering inspired by the transcience of Summer. This completes my folly flowers – Floribunda – for my WOS group show this year.