Floribunda 3 – Arrangement on Mocca

A five-petal flower is always a challenge. So, I finally made a successful one! The plum shapes fill a pentagon that looks like a bird house.

The tri-coloured grey, pink and green flower is a dimensional one that I’ve bent and shaped on my index finger pads. I like how it undulates.

The lavender flower is my new method mentioned in Floribunda 1 – enlarged using a 1 cm width paper strip. There is quite some depth to this one, including the white central motifs. I do find the 1 cm width strips to be more ergonomic for the hands once you have neen quilling a few of these beauties.

The purple ‘cross’ flower is a mainstay. This one has a simplicity that has stood the test of time. This one’s also destined to my WOS exhibit.