Issa’s 35th

I quilled this Birthday Card for a friend who turns 35 tomorrow. She had her birthday party celebration yesterday, well in advance, so people can all come. It was full of laughs and gaffs, and we all had a blast. This card was a free style design, intended to evoke colours that a girl would like, but also to capture a bit of the summer feel as the sun was shining when I made this. Those little yellow stamens were a joy to make and happen to be an accidental discovery (when I was trying to find out the quickest way to do it). The brain just kinda took over and I started folding the strip of paper several times till you have a ‘bunch’ in alignment. You glue together the strips on one end (that is, their tips after cutting the fold line to separate the bunch). Then the other tips (8 in total) are free (once cut) to be coiled into neat little ‘anthers’. I am definitely beginning to like this botanical feel in my work and would like to develop it more. Happy Birthday to my friend, Issa!