Abstract Crustacean

I have rediscovered this piece amongst my stored stuff and today I finished gluing the final piece, and it is now complete. I got the resolve today to correct this and finish the work for good. The photo above is the object viewed from the top. It is a collection of all those loose ‘leftover’ quilled shapes that I manage to accumulate with time. One day, I thought I’d glue all of them into some abstracted form. I think it reminds me of the sea. It looks like a crustacean that has been beached, dried, dessicated and preserved.
This is the creature viewed from the front. And here it shows that final piece I am talking about. On the left (as you are viewing it), are the initials A+J. It juts out quite a bit and storing the work with this predicament creates some problems for an ‘obsessive-compulsive’ like me. Until the work can be put inside a glass case, I shall store it in a very sturdy box.

This is the view from the back. I somehow just decided that this should be the back (but it doesn’t necessarily follow, I think). As a foray into sculpture, I think there is potential there. I would like to explore this more in later works. Once I finish my other commissions… Time is the ever scarce resource.