A Leaving Do Poster

This poster was made for three colleagues leaving their current posts to go onto pastures new. One of them happened to be moi. So to mark the special occasion, I made a poster for the three of us as we are celebrating our leaving party together. The quilling work on this scale took 16 hours in total but done in a gentle, ‘taking-all-the-time-in-the-world’ kind of way. The best way to work (I think). I made some petals in all sorts of different shapes and came up with four main floral combinations. See below for the build-up of the quilling work. I decided to arrange them in an oval shape to contain the text announcement. I added a small touch (done in advance) of a hint of white horizontal lines, using white quilling paper against the textured background of the 300 gsm paper I used for the support. The poster is getting rave reviews at work, which is highly motivating and fulfilling, indeed.