Alexander The Great

This piece was a birthday present to someone very special. The quilling here is very fine 3mm paper. The coiling process changes a bit because of this because handling the paper requires a level of dexterity and attention to timing the length of time each strip is coiled. This is a little tip. To maintain the shape and size of your quilling for patterns that have high repetition, the tension on the coiled paper before it is released should be maintained at roughly the same intervals. So I look at a clock’s second hand and decide on how many seconds to hold the coiled tension before release. This has a fundamental effect on how quickly (more like slowly) a piece can be completed. As to the colourway, I thought I would evoke colours that have passion and warmth. There is a bit of gold in there, but the camera was unable to pick it up. The total result reminds me of those Italian banquets where plenty of side-décors are placed on the table, like flowers and fruits. Alexander the Great wasn’t Roman, but those quilled shapes look like a Roman feast. Funny, how the mind works.