Vintage Lace

Here is the last in the series of gowns from last year that I haven’t posted in my blog. This one was a lace motif that I have designed from scratch using my crochet techniques. The thread itself is cotton that has a nice handle (quite weighty once the work builds up, just how I like it). The main stitch used in this trellis-like crochet is what’s called a ‘clone’s not’ which is a travelling kind of knot (which is really a picot stitch – a stitch that is formed by gathering a bunch of crochets together to form a picot or raisin-like shape). I used a silk-satin mix fabric which has a luxurious sheen to contrast with the matte, powdery crochet work in ecru thread. The ‘skirt’ is a continuation of the clone’s knot trellis work. I would have loved to continue this all the way to the hem of the dress. This is perhaps worth considering in a future project for a wedding gown, maybe? More delicate projects like this will be on their way this year.