Jester Quilt

Snow has been forecast for England tomorrow. It’s time for a quilt! I finished this quilt today, just in time for the real winter setting in. I’m calling it The Jester Quilt because it forms an argyle pattern reminiscent of medieval jesters (the quilt has to be re-orientated into a diamond, mind). So, it is a bit tenuous, this link. But, hey. Onto the nitty-gritty. The quilt measures 1.5 metres by 2 metres.The design is a ‘weave’ motif (see under). These colours were chosen especially and the fabric is 100% linen in shades of nut brown, verdant green and mango yellow. The quilting thread used is a variegated green thread of 100% Egyptian cotton. The lining is duchesse satin in brown. The quilt batting is only the best quality (a soft mixture of bamboo, silk and tencel). All these ingredients have resulted in this warm quilt with a nice rustic look.