Hearsall Common in Snow

There have been moments of picture-perfect snow in the U.K. last week. It inspired me to get out and take the scene in and paint it in watercolour. This has been a stab at it, that was partially successful (as a study, perhaps) of a row of houses overlooking a park or what is known in Britain as a ‘common’. I really like these houses in particular, as they seem to be very alike and yet different at the same time. They look quintessentially ‘British’. I don’t think I was very patient with this effort and those trees at the foreground will need further study. They have been a preoccupation of mine (on top of everything else) as they change through the seasons.  This common is my favourite spot to walk my dog and I have come to know these trees for some time now. There are actually seven of these trees (oak) that must be so old. In the summer, I would like to paint them when they are in their leafy state.

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