Summer is the time for floral experiments. For this piece, I wanted to add my latest flower idea. It’s those pink tulip-shaped flowers. They are approximately 3cm in size. For variety, I made them in a much bigger green version (approximately 5cm).

Up to now I’ve been making full blooms in my quilling and paper flower making. Featuring a closed flower is refreshing, as flowers are not always in full bloom in real life!

The green background is a new shade for me. The choice of violet specks for the text is a subtle flourish, if I may say so – and I think it worked. This piece is unapologetically saccharine, but I like how it has turned out. It measures 29 cm x 29 cm. Here it is in its frame.

I exhibited this piece in our WOS 2021 exhibition (currently running at the Blue Door Gallery, Coventry).