I am calling these Radial 1 & 2. I am posting this before framing, as I am too impatient! They measure 18cm x 18cm unframed. They have sprung from my love of mandala shapes. The yellow one (Radial 1) looks solar in its warmth, so maybe “radial” is rather fitting.

I like that it has used an economy of shapes in a repeat. Circular patterns, to my mind, are the most organic patterns we can see in nature. This is why I keep going back to them.

Radial 2 was an experiment to see what happened if you changed the pattern sequence. This white and blue combination reminds me of dandelions when you lift them up against a summer sky (yes, weirdly). Maybe this is unconscious, wishful thinking. As I made this, the weather here in the UK has been very ‘un-Spring-like’. We’ve been having intermittent frosts at night, rain and wind. Like everyone else, I suspect, I am so looking forward to blue skies!