Moonlight happened very naturally as an idea. I just thought I needed something to capture a moonlit tropical evening on the beach. The idea of paper white against the indigo felt like a good contrast.

For those of you who are new to quilling, there is a particular shape that every quiller has to learn before any other shape, and that is the teardrop shape. It takes practice to get to a level where every ‘quill’ looks as similar to the one before. Sometimes, shape uniformity is needed to create an effect or a mood (I think). For this piece, I wanted the simplicity of the paper quilling to take centre stage. So, it is very stripped back.

The humble embroidery hoop was the perfect mould to achieve this ‘moon’. Assembling all my quills took me several hours to be satisfied with every angle and the overall configuration. I know, sounds bonkers, right? But hey ho, it keeps me happy.

Moonlight became one of the focal points at the exhibition. It measured 29 cm x 29 cm without its frame.