Spring Birthday

I am having a die cut kind of mood with my cards lately. I found this yet-to-be-used dies from Sizzix. It’s actually two different dies – one produces these leaf patterns, and the other these mutiple florals, hearts, and other confetti shapes. I used yellow because it felt really zingy. The contrast with the black (I thought) made the card pop more. The teal cardstock against the black is another contrast device here. The black is actually metallic but my camera is unable to pick that detail. The centre sentiment is another old die. Sometimes you just use what you’ve got and make magic with them. Usually I have a moment of trial and error with the colourways, but this was a really spontaneous card. I picked an olive green ink stamp (as it felt right) and threw caution to the wind. This, I think, is my first foray into using stamps in my cards. I haven’t really been into them until I’ve seen all their possibilities in You Tube. I think there is a place for them, but I’m just not sure how lightfast (permanent) the inks are though. For cards, I think they are perfect. For serious artworks, maybe in little doses. The sentiment stamps though are a real saviour for time as you can use these over and over in different cards and no one will ever notice! So definitely more stamping from me.