Coming Together

Unframed work

This is the second piece for the Healing Arts Winter Exhibition mentioned before. Here is a link of the project in its entirety.

This work was all about movement. Wreath shapes have a universality across cultures due to its round shape. It looks very comforting, enveloping. So the shape kind of encapsulates this feeling of ‘coming together’ when people who love one another support each other in hospital. I wanted to express this visually. The movement is completed by the three-bead configuration of the glass beads. Yet, another new thing I am developing in my work. I had this white glass beads (a few remnants from a white wedding gown I made before). They were just the perfect wintry accent, so in they went. The teal background is again a conscious decision (did try other backgrounds). But this gave the piece a more wintry look without being too cold. These five-petal ‘moulded’ flowers have become a staple in my work. I do like most their simplicity and honesty.

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