Ladies in Lavender


As a final evolution in this series of posts, I give you lavender. Such a dainty colour. I’m not sure how effective the violet is in the middle, but I went for it. I added yellow accents just to give a complementary contrast and ‘lift’. I think, by this time I was using my own paper – I used an old paper shredder (one of many!) as it game me perfect 0.4 cm paper strips. Having a paper shredder just makes quilling super easy and liberating – as you can have your own choice of papers without the restrictions. I do find it much harder nowadays to find new paper shredders that would do strip cutting. There are some plastic ‘manual’ ones you can get online – which you have to wind up to get your paper strips. I use those as well, as they are perfect for thinner paper (less than 100 gsm thick).