Blown egg decorated with filigree quilling in various coloured paper with the child’s name

What’s in a name? A lot can be said about someone’s name. New parents sometimes will take aeons to decide, simply because a lot is at stake in naming one’s child. For this one particular girl, though, her name is synonymous to wisdom – such a wonderful choice for a name. SOPHIA. So for her, I made a little memento on the day of her Christening, to remind her when she grows up, how special she is and how happy we all are to see her in this world.


When you rotate the egg , the interest changes (second photo shows this).  But then I thought, why stop there. I created another focal point on the other side (laterally to this, i.e, third photo), effectively using a ‘cross’ or a four-faceted look. Thus. every angle had a story. Really enjoyed making this piece!



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