D’Oyley No. 2

I am still finishing the Cerise Project. Whilst this is ongoing, I’ve found some of the D’Oyleys I’ve made in the past. This second is one of many that I tend to do freestyle, with no forethought or pattern. You tend to do this very easily with ’round crochet’ which results in motifs shaped like D’Oyleys (some people call these ‘doilies’). I will have to look up the provenance of this term (I think). It’s one of those crochet traditions that are so easy to make once you get into the swing of it. This little gem right here is just about playing with double crochet, treble crochet, and some extra-long crochet stitches. I’ve basically ‘gathered’ or ‘pleated’ the round work at a particular row, which resulted in this dimensional effect. Sometimes its nice to have some dimension, as opposed to the traditional ‘flat’ crochet.