Deep Dive

Exhibitions of my works seem to have come like buses at the moment. I am also exhibiting three of my works to this show (see poster below).


This is my local hospital’s Healing Arts Winter Arts Exhibition. The theme for this year is on the concept of ‘Emerging’. So I got to work, inspired by the creatures of the deep in our oceans (you can tell I am an Attenborough fan).

This first piece is 41 x 58 cm, mounted on mdf. Below is how it looks framed. I am endeavouring to capture the frames as much as possible these days as I do believe the frame maketh the work (thanks, Alec!). The frame is Ayous wood, painted in white. I have switched to white this time (I was using black frames all summer), since I wanted the piece to feel ‘lighter’.

This piece was inspired by the deep sea creatures that we have yet to encounter, as the diversity of life in our planet is simply astonishing. It is my take on it, therefore, it has a ‘folly’ element, fed by imagination and dreaming. So no accuracy here (so there, warning and disclaimer over).

I thoroughly enjoyed making this, however, as the watercolours and quilling meld together as a new and original hybrid. Watercolour simply has that evocative quality that can capture aquatic or ‘wet’ things. I have added some medium to the watercolour making it ‘wetter’ and really making the brushes do the work. I will be delving into this technique some more. I like how its is figurative and at the same time expressive, abstract and spontaneous.