A Bird of Paradise

This is the little star of the Wild Wonder show in December. This little guy is in fact the poster boy, as you may have surmised.

I used to quill birds of paradise when I was younger. Like most of my first attempts at art, they have been lost through time and lack of care. As Wendy (my co-exhibitor) and I have decided to focus on nature and its wild flora and fauna, I thought it would be fitting to showcase a bird of paradise, that can be found in the far-flung, tropical islands.

I really like the graphic nature of a lot of birds. The feathers somehow just scream “quill me, quill me!” This one is medium-sized at 29 x 29 cm. I like the square format a lot. The paper background is meant to evoke the forest grounds. The perspective is neat, I think, since most of my quilling is usually either viewed from the top or head on. So it’s as if we are on the trees and have somehow seen this guy appear underneath the canopy.

He will will be framed simply in white. Overall, a neat little traditional quilling for someone’s wall.