Hello there! I have not posted for such a long time, but fortunately, I am happy to say that I am officially back! My creative juices are flowing again and those little grey cells are inspired with renewed joie de vivre.

I thought I’d share this ‘thank you card’ that I quilled three years ago. I still like its simplicity and the tropical vibe it portrays. The colours just remind me of tropical evenings, when lots of ‘night blooms’ would flower and emit their nocturnal scents. The quilling here is simple, using 3mm paper strips that I’ve amassed from old quilling strips bought online. I do enjoy using these pre-cut quilling strips sometimes, when the colours are joyously new. The leaves are simple green ‘teardrop’ shapes and I’ve added a touch of contrast green leaves where I ‘curl’ the ends to give them a sense of movement (these ones I’ve guillotined myself). I just cannot find this blue cardstock in my old stash of papers anymore, hence I am unable to reference it. But the overall look, is, something that makes me all nostalgic.