A Very Rococo ‘Thank You’

This week has certainly been mad-card-making-week. I’ve created several cards for all the events crammed into one week. I’ve left my job last Friday and I thought I’d make a nice card for all the folks at work. I had such a laugh with all of them and I loved working there. But life has to move on in some way. Opportunities in life don’t come knocking that often. Hence, this move to other pastures. My manager seems to have forgiven me (I’m not totally sure about that). But I got a hug from her (that means a lot knowing her!). This card was made with my ‘folly flowers’ arranged around an oval sky. I made this cloud effect on watercolour paper using a mixture of blues (cobalt, ultramarine & pthalo). The overall mood I wanted to create was a rococo ceiling. I think this worked, but the more I look at it, I get reminded of the musical intro to the The Simpsons. I can even hear a heavenly ‘Theeee Siiiiimpsons’ being repeated in a loop in my head. I know what you’re gonna say. “How weird”. Yes, it is. But that’s just how my silly head thinks sometimes.