Flying past Nocturne…

Nocturne was a paper ballet I made for Warwickshire Open Studios 2022 last summer. This flypast shows its raw state before framing and sealing.

It is another of my assemblages, where I create handmade shapes. This one uses paper that is cut, moulded and manipulated by hand and by instinct. Variations in finger pressure onto the paper create coils, pleats or knots. Gluing affixes them onto my chosen support. This is the fun part (I think) – the assembly, the choreographing of the ballet. I love this process because it is very direct, and human, I think. It feels more organic, unplanned and spontaneous.

The paint mixture for the background is currently my favourite shade of purple – a concocted recipe. I call this a dark anthocyanin, a pigment found in purple yam. I just love its warmth and how it makes all the colours pop.

For this summer, I am so excited to be showing at Warwickshire Open Studios 2023 again. This year I am collaborating with other artists within our locality in Coventry. With just several weeks to go before the 17th of June, I am beavering away most weekends piecing together the elements of my small exhibit. To all my friends and collaborators who can make it to the tent in my back garden this year, see you there!