Hello again. This is one of my ‘assemblages’ where I make different ‘objects’ from scratch and arrange them as if to choreograph their ‘dance’. Heartbeats is so titled because of the two hand-woven, heart-shaped central pieces. These are what Filipinos in the central Visayas region call “puso” (literally meaning ‘hearts’). We tend to use coconut leaves to weave these shapes and fill them with grains of rice to cook. They are then sold as street food called ‘hanging rice’ – so named because they are sold in bunches usually ‘hanging’ in street food places selling barbecued meats and seafood.

This is how it looked framed before glazing

This piece was really all about arranging a composite group that I felt worked together, with a sense of movement. I am not sure I have completely achieved that, but I like how the colours turned out. I enjoyed making it, as it wasn’t a planned project this time. More a spontaneous one after waking one morning and simply making. Definitely, a nostalgia piece, this one!