Hello again. This is the final piece I am showing at UHCW Hospital Winter Arts this year (in Coventry). For winter, I wanted an expanse of colours, to stretch the quilling, as if in ‘travel’ or ‘flow’. After several preliminary sketches, I somehow arrived at this – an abstract ‘creature world’, inspired by bioluminescence, the sorts of creatures shown in David Attenborough’s ‘Life’ series. Nothing here is real, mind. This is totally an imagined world.

This piece measures 58 x 80 cm, by far my biggest work, which took approximately 500 hours of quilling and tissue work. I hand-painted the tissue in sumi ink to get a very deep black. Other parts have a greyish tinge. Then, there are also the green parts (which are in light-fast watercolour).

Here are some detail shots. Subjectively, I intended the colours to move somehow against the inky black. The quilling “wave” work seems to achieve this. I suppose this effect is inherent to the “coiled and released” nature of the paper, and it is one of the subtle surprises that I like about this age-old craft.

Below is the piece framed in white.